Sunday, December 20, 2009

Organic Gardening - Healthy Living Through Growing Your Own Fruits And Vegetables

By: Marty Richardson

Do you love organic vegetables and fruits? Have you considered buying organic produce, deterred only by the prices? If you have the time, space and the light available, you too can learn how to grow your own organic vegetables. Start your own organic garden and grow your own vegetables. Do some cursory research on organic gardening and you will discover many websites offering hundreds of tips, trick, ideas and resources that will help you get your garden started. Important decisions you will soon be making include where to locate your garden, how to prepare the soil and what vegetables to grow.
When you plan your garden, first determine which vegetables you want to grow and make sure you have the space, in the right light, for your garden. Once you've done this, it is vital to know the pH of your soil so you can compost and prepare the soil accordingly, to get it ready to grow abundant organic vegetables for you. You may want to invest in a pH kit, which you can get from a local garden or hardware store, so you can make sure that your soil's pH is compatible with the pH requirements for organic vegetables of choice. If the soil is too acidic or needs to be more acidic and you plant your garden, it may very well be dead before it starts. Therefore, make sure to treat your garden soil with care.

Once your garden is planted, naturally repel pests and fertilize the soil by companion planting, or plant more than one crop in the same area. If you have an insect problem, research plants to repel specific pests. If you have larger animals eating your plants, choose vine vegetables that furry friends prefer not to cross. Choose complementary plants if you want to restore nutrients to the soil. Rotate out different vegetables every year to further build soils.

Now that you know where you're going to put your garden, what you need to do to prepare the soil and what vegetables you're going to grow, what are the benefits of all of this work? You'll be saving money and time because you won't have to go to the grocery store to get your vegetables. You also know that you're giving yourself and your family the gift of fresh, organic vegetables and you know where your produce came from. If you the time, space and light for an organic garden, the benefits far outweigh what it takes to grow the vegetables. 

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