Saturday, December 19, 2009

Finding A Hobby That I Love

By: Phillip Poulak

Finding a hobby that is affordable and enjoyable can be challenging. There are just too many hobbies to choose from. I have tried several as I am sure you have done also. A hobby has to be something that you really enjoy doing. It should never feel like work. When doing a hobby you should be so absorbed in what you're doing that nothing can bother you. You can not stress over work or bills if your mind is completely on your hobby.
With so many hobbies to choose from where in the world would you even start to choose? First you should start with a list. Make a list of things that you enjoy or that you are interested in. Think back to things you have done in the past that you enjoyed doing.

Once you have made a list of possible hobbies you should go through them and ask yourself can I afford to do this hobby? Do I have enough space in my home to do this hobby? Will this hobby get in the way of other people who live in the home? Can I start on my hobby right away? You do not want a hobby that will cost a small fortune or that is going to bother another family member.

After you have thought through all of these questions you can begin to eliminate the hobbies on your list that are not realistic, for whatever reason. From the remaining hobbies on your list you should try to decide which of the remaining would be better suited for you.

If you can not choose between the remaining hobbies maybe you could try a test run of these hobbies. For the next few days do one of your hobbies each day. At the end of the week or after you have tried all the hobbies you should be able to choose which hobby you enjoyed the most.

If you are married or dating someone then maybe you should consider trying to find a hobby that you could do together. Some people prefer to do a hobby alone but if your not one of those people it can always be fun to do something with a loved one.

If money is tight and you think you can not afford a hobby, you are wrong. There are several things that you can do that cost nothing at all. You could try hiking, or biking. Writing is a great hobby as well. Some people prefer to do yoga or meditate. The list of affordable hobbies is endless.

If you still have not found a hobby that interests you, you could also try searching the internet for suggestions. There are several sites dedicated to ideas for hobbies. Make sure your hobby is something that you enjoy and helps to relieve stress. A hobby should not aggravate or annoy you, a hobby is meant to be something that relaxes and soothes you, a way to unwind from a hard day at work.

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