Saturday, December 19, 2009

Boracay Island Is A Great Vacation Getaway This Christmas Season

By: Acee

Boracay - The Island Guide Have you gotten tired of the same old boring routines during the Christmas season? Is your family getting fed up with trudging into those crowded malls and divisoria just to beat the holiday shopping clock? How can you even possibly call Christmas a holiday season when you are even busier than when you were working and find you have no time for the actual vacation?

Why not try something different this holiday season? Celebrate a true vacation and truly feel Christmas and welcome the New Year at the Nigi Nigi Too! Boracay beach hotel on Boracay Island.

Why come to Boracay in the first place to celebrate Christmas? It is simple - so you can really enjoy your vacation during the holidays. Boracay Island is a tropical island paradise like no other.

5 kilometers of pure white sand beach bathed by warm crystal clear ocean currents. Now, that is a real "white Christmas" if you can ever see one.

Tranquility, pollution-free atmosphere and clear skies.

Refreshing tropical sunset cocktails and fruits.

Vibrant nightlife with over one hundred trendy restaurants and cozy bars warmed by the hospitality of the island.

Great water sports and reasonably priced comfortable beachfront accommodation

So why specifically choose Nigi Nigi Too! Boracay Island Hotel to stay in? Again, it is simple and practical. Everything is offered at very reasonable prices.

Beachfront location & all rooms are within a few meters of the ocean. With a selection of just 15 rooms our guests are treated to individual and personal - friendly and efficient - service

Panoramic Boracay ocean views - all rooms are spacious with private verandahs , artistically decorated with an oriental flair and equipped with airconditioning, hot showers, cable TV, wifi broadband internet access and mini fridge.

Our beachfront is recognized as the best bathing area in the entire island.

Beach bar serving a full array of tropical drinks and fresh Asian or international cuisine.

Ocean view therapeutic massage center.

Nigi Nigi Too! Boracay Hotel is surrounded by the full array of popular island attractions, including trendy restaurants, cozy beach bars, and well equipped water sports facilities all within a 5 - 10 minute walk along the beach.

And we do accept American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

Now who said our place is boring to spend Christmas? Want to learn more? Click on us at http://www.niginigitoo.com/

About Nigi Nigi Too! Beach Resort

Nigi Nigi Too is the sister resort of the equally popular Nigi Nigi Nu Noos ' e ' Nu Nu Noos Resort located in the very center of White Beach. Each resort and beach location has its own flavor - so if you are on an extended stay in Boracay why not experience some time in each location. The same concept of friendly efficient and personalized service prevails at both resorts. When making enquiries please clearly indicate which resort you prefer.

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Find more information about Boracay island hotel visit us at www.niginigitoo.com/.

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