Friday, January 8, 2010

The Windowsill Herb Garden Is The Perfect Little Garden

Italian Herb Garden Trio: Indoor Garden Gift Set incl. 3 planters, dip tray, seeds, peat soil pellets. Those who live in the city are limited in the plants they can grow. You may want to have greenery in your home, but are unsure how to accomplish this. A windowsill herb garden is a great way to be able to enjoy plants in your home. The great thing about this kind of garden is it is beautiful to look at and provides a great smell. Herbs have many different uses and will make your home more enjoyable. If you live in a high-rise apartment, you and your herbs will form a symbiotic relationship.

Herbs have been used for centuries as a way to heal people. The smells alone are used in aromatherapy. People spend a lot of money in order to have the smells ever present in their home. By growing a windowsill herb garden, you will be able to enjoy these smells all the time. The two most calming aromas used are lavender and chamomile. Lavender is very easy to grow so because of the kind of plant it is. Being a perennial bush, it will grow in many different conditions. Being in a small space, you will b able to enjoy the smells more than someone with a large home.

Constant temperature is highly beneficial to herbs. When grown outside, herbs sometimes struggle because of fluctuations in temperature. Being able to control the temperature allows you to enable your plants to thrive. You will be able to grow basil in the middle of the winter by using a windowsill herb garden. This allows you to enjoy the flavor of a freshly made pesto without having to run to the store. Early frost will not affect your plants ability to continue to grow. Just remember, some plants like sage do better if they are able to go through a little bit of a frost.

Using a windowsill herb garden allows you to control the amount of water your plants get. One of the worst things about growing outside is when it rains right after you water your plants. The chances to over water are greater when outside. There is also the tendency to dry out the soil your plants are in when planting outside. Soil, which is too dry, can absorb the moisture before your herbs ever get the chance to utilize it. Gardening inside allows you complete control over how much water your plants are getting.

When gardening indoors, you have more control over the soil your herbs are grown in. When growing outside, you need to bring a sample of soil in to a nursery to be examined. They will tell you the nutrient levels of your dirt so they can tell you what you can grow. When planting at home, you can simply mix potting soil with sand and a tablespoon of lime. This will give you the perfect combination of absorbent and retentive soil. Be sure to check your soil a couple times a day. Make sure it is moist to the touch.

Your apartment is surely decorated to your tastes. You will want to have a windowsill herb garden, which will match your decor. This is possible due to the many different styles of pots and trays available at nurseries and online. You are sure to pick out one, which will meet your needs. It is recommended to plant in clay pots so your plants will have the chance to breathe.

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