Friday, January 8, 2010

The Benefits Of A Tea Herb Garden

By: Brian Chamberlain

The Herbal Tea Garden: Planning, Planting, Harvesting & BrewingA Tea herb garden has some really great benefits and many people have taken to drinking herbal teas. The lack of caffeine is a nice way to enjoy a drink without feeling tense. Those looking to get a boost from what they are drinking can find it in a different way. While many people like to drink herbal teas, the question is in how the herbs were grown. There is no way to be sure if there were pesticides used when you buy commercial teas. If they were used, how well did they get washed out. It is much better to grown your own and use more organic methods to keep your garden pest free.

One of the most common herbal teas is the chamomile tea. When mixed with lavender, you have a combination that will relax you. A tea herb garden with these herbs can provide aromatherapy. You will feel relaxed without even having to drink the tea. Just sitting in the garden and breathing in the scent of these herbs will allow you to feel more tranquil. This is why the scents from these herbs can be found in many different products, which are designed to relax you.

Mint is an herb that you will have to be careful with. It has a tendency to over run a garden if not contained. The common thinking is to keep the herb separated in a pot in order to be properly contained. It is a great herb to have around, as it will give you a boost. When used in a tea, peppermint has been known to give energy and to sooth stomach problems. In fact, many people like to eat mint leaves after meals. This does more than just make your breath smell better. The oils in the leaves have been known to help with digestion.

A great thing about a tea herb garden is the ability to benefit those with dietary needs. The stevia plant has sweet leaves, which can be added to any herbal mix. The great part about this plant is it provides sweetness without sugar. This makes it an ideal sweetener for diabetics and those looking to reduce calories. Being a plant, which is sensitive to frost, it is recommended to plant stevia in a pot to bring indoors. The leaves of the plant can be dried and crushed to use all year long.

A tea herb garden can also benefit your cooking. Plants like thyme and rosemary are great for teas and for cooking. This dual purpose allows you to do more with the plants you are growing. This works out very well for those growing rosemary seeing as it is a shrub that grows very well. The required pruning method allows this shrub to be quite plentiful. Those who are fans of Italian food will want to make sure to plant these herbs and use them often.

Shopping for presents can put many people in a bad mood. Your tea herb garden also gives you an ample supply of great gifts for friends and family. Making tea blends of potted herbs make thoughtful gifts for anyone. Due to the fragrant nature of tea herbs, you may also consider making a potpourri as a gift. Not only do these ideas make lovely gifts, but also making them helps you to get rid of some of the pruning required for the health of your plants.

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